Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vocal Artistry Tour | Nov 17, 2007

There's an event coming up for singers who'd like to learn more about singing in worship. Taking place, Saturday, November 17th at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church is a Vocal Artistry workshop.

This is a 7-hour experience for worship leaders, choir members, soloists, recording artists, and even the casual "shower" singer (we know you're out there!). Participants are engaged throughout the event, singing, answering questions from Tim Carson, watching video clips, taking notes, learning and practicing new vocal exercises as a group, analyzing audio clips, laughing at Tim's over-the-top demonstrations, and even providing feedback for Tim's live coaching sessions.

The tour event has four sections, covering vocal freedom, increasing vocal range, stage presence and communication, and the art of vocal style. Learn more about what we teach.

Here's a video promotion

If you're interested in attending, it's $75 total charge. For those of you who participate in the Saint Matthew music programs, your cost will be cut in half (the church will pay for the other half). Let Jason know if you'd like to participate in this event.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Building Webcam Fixed

Howdy folks! The building webcam has been fixed...sorry it took so long. You can view the progress on the building via the following link

For some reason, this webcam doesn't work in Mozilla Firefox, but it definitely works in Internet Explorer. : )

Stop Time Drumming Song

Found this today on Google Video - you'd think I spend all my time online looking for cool stuff...we'll, that just might be true!