Thursday, March 6, 2008

Recording "Blessed Be You Name"

A few weeks ago, I set up our portable recording system and spent some time recording our rehearsal. I got a pretty good take of "Blessed Be Your Name" and I mixed it down in GarageBand. I added a couple of instruments (bass and electric guitar), but everything else is a live take. Very fun.

Have a listen. Blessed Be Your Name

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Our Beautiful Day | April 19

“Our Beautiful Day” April 19, 2008
Reaching out with compassion to our community.

Dear Pastors and friends of “Beautiful Day”,

Thank you to all who have given us names of volunteers from your churches. If you haven’t done this yet, please send us the names of those who could be church liaisons and prayer leaders ASAP.

What we need now is to identify project leaders for each of the following projects:

(Cambridge Elementary)

1. Blacktop for basketball courts 2. Inventory and collect items for up to 40 “safety” backpacks.

(Oak Grove Middle)

3. Landscaping & irrigation 4. Collect items for kids to buy at school store.

(Ygnacio Valley Elementary)

5. Landscaping 6. Provide sturdy no-fabric chairs for office waiting area.

(Meadow Homes Elementary)

7. Electrical work 8. Replace carpet in faculty lounge with tiles. 9. Landscaping.

Please announce these needs to your congregation this Sunday, Feb.24, if possible, and on Sunday March 2. Ask that people who have skills appropriate to these tasks commit to being project leaders and send their names and contact information to Tom Patitucci by March 3. If you have other means of communicating these needs to your people (email, through small groups etc.) please use those as well.

Thank you for your participation in what we pray will be a “Beautiful Day” of service to our community in the Name and Power of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The Compassion Task Force
Kurt Holm
Layne Kilbreath
Ron Musch
Tom Patitucci

Monday, March 3, 2008

Holy Week Schedule

This year, Easter is extra early. Actually, it's about as early as it can possibly be. Julie Gibson, the Director of Worship and Music at Saint Matthew wrote an interesting article for our newsletter about how the date of Easter is determined.

Julie writes, "Easter could occur as early as March 22nd, but that hasn’t happened since 1818 and won’t happen again until 2285. And the last time Easter fell on March 23rd was in 1913. That won’t happen again until 2228. The latest Easter can occur is April 25. Next Year, Easter is on April 12th."

For those of you who are primarily concerned with THIS YEAR'S Easter celebration, the Holy Week Schedule for Saint Matthew is as follows:

March 16 Palm Sunday - "From Obscurity to the World Stage"
8:30, 11:00
March 20 Maundy Thursday - Valley Wide Worship Service
7:00pm at Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church.
March 21 God's Friday - "From Safety to Sacrifice"
7:30pm | Special Program for children will be available in the Fellowship Hall, nursery care available.
March 22 Easter Eve - "From Death to Rebirth"
6:30pm | Baptismal Service for all ages
March 23 Resurrection Day - "From Darkness to Daybreak"
8:00, 9:30, 11:00 | Nursery Care Available