Wednesday, December 12, 2007

12 Days of Christmas (Albums) #5-7

I'm heading out of town for a couple of days and will not have access to the 'ol computer so I figured I'd get the blog updated in advance as to not disappoint my dedicated readers.

#5 A Charlie Brown Christmas
Now I'm certain that for many people this would be tops on their list of Christmas albums. I'm not knockin' it, but I'm also not raking my albums in any particular order (sorry for those of you who like to watch those VH1 "most _fill in the blank_ celebrity" countdown shows). Regardless, this one is a classic. : )

#6 Christmas with the Chipmunks
I want to see the new Chipmunks movie. It looks like a lot of fun in that pop-culture glossy-eyed kind of way. I don't really recall watching much of the chipmunks, but I do remember hanging out in the basement in Montana as a kid listening to the record player blast out those shrill chipmunk harmonies. Who knew something so annoying would be so AWESOME!

#7 Mannheim Steamroller: Fresh Aire Christmas
And, to finish up this trio of market savvy Christmas faves, I'd like to say that this is one of those childhood albums that that just transports me back in time. In particular, in 1991 when my oldest brother was performing with the local high school band for the annual Christmas concert, he played the "Cantique De Noel (O Holy Night)" arrangement from Mr. Chip Davis on piano with a flute soloist and left the auditorium absolutely stunned. It truly was beautiful. And I was very proud of my brother. I still am.

12 Days of Christmas (Albums) #4

From my earliest days, I remember hearing all sorts of music around the house. Peter, Paul and Mary, the Carpenters, John Denver and other great folk artists. It was awesome! Amy Grant was one of the artists that got played regularly around our house and her 1983 Christmas album entitled "A Christmas Album" was a staple of Christmas music around our house.

Monday, December 10, 2007

12 Days of Christmas (Albums) #3

Album #3 is from that vocal powerhouse group Take 6: He is Christmas which incidentally is ranked #9,430 in the most purchased music at Way to go guys.

I you love vocal jazz, these guys are top notch. Grab a glass of wine and enjoy the smooth sounds of Take 6 this Christmas.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

12 Days of Christmas (Albums) #2

Album #2 on this 12 days list is George Winston's December and was amazed to see that the 20th Anniversary Edition is now available and it includes a couple of extra tracks!

Of all the piano-Christmas albums out there, this one has always just had a special place in my heart--it' just seems to bring out the holiday spirit in me.

Funny thing is that it's the ONLY George Winston album I own.