Monday, February 8, 2010

Kairos Moments in Music

In mid-December I purchased Sara Groves' new CD, Fireflies and Songs. It's a great disc. I remember when I heard her first album, Conversations I felt that her songwriting style was a little to meandering for my taste, but I listened to that whole album several times in a row. Something about it was compelling to me and drawing me into her stories.

The new CD demonstrates a maturity in her songwriting and and even more raw honesty as she sings about hope, love, disappointment and struggle. I find myself transported to a place of inspired reflective peace as the music and words swim around in my mind as I try to imagine the settings and details of these three-to-four minute song-stories.

Then, something happens. I've just realized the what Sara Groves is writing about, apart from the specific details of her experiences, are all kairos moments. Defining moments! Moments of significance that have an impact on the way she journeys through life.

That gets me thinking. I believe that most, if not all music (and art) are rooted in experiencing a kairos moment and then working through this circle (the learning circle - more on that later) that we've been talking about at Saint Matthew since the beginning of January.

Life > Kairos Moment > Observe > Reflect > Discuss > Plan > Account > Act = Aamazing Music by Sara Groves (or any other artist for that matter).

One of the things artists do is take the "moments" in life and stretch them out (over canvas or over time) and create a meditation on that moment. The result is an act of creativity that becomes a part of their journey.

Wow. Maybe this is a simple thing, but for me it has become a defining moment.

- Jason