Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Word of Thanks

As Worship Arts Team Leader, my primary focus is to encourage worship through the arts. During the 2009-10 program season at Saint Matthew, we’ve experienced an incredible amount of music from folks here at Saint Matthew and beyond. And throughout it all, my hope is that the people of Saint Matthew have been encouraged by the musical diversity that is offered in worship through the amazing dedication and hard work of the many, many volunteers who’ve given of their time and talents.

Worship Team (directed by Jason Bendickson) – Thank you for being the workhorse music team of our church! Your dedication, energy, talent and time are tremendously appreciated.

Choir & Men’s Ensemble (directed by Geoff Carter) – Thank you for an amazing season of incredible music! Our community is tremendously blessed by your musical offerings and worship leadership.

Bells (directed by Geoff Carter) – Thank you for all the hard work you put in this year! Every offering of music from the bells this year was absolutely incredible!

Brass (directed by Jason Bendickson) – Thank you for making those Saturday morning rehearsals and offering your talents on Easter Sunday. There is much more for us to do! I’m looking forward to it.

Kids Praise & Cherub Choir (directed by Laurie Van Buskirk and Jason Bendickson) – Thank you all for your enthusiasm and joyful spirit as we sang songs of thankfulness, service and love to God!

There are also many people who volunteer their time behind the scenes on Sunday mornings to help make Saint Matthew the welcoming and friendly place it has become; if you stop to think about it, it’s actually kind of mind boggling.

Prayer Ministers (coordinated by Laura Hoy) – Thank you for your commitment offering up prayers with and for people during communion and following worship. Your openness to the Holy Spirit in prayer is changing this congregation from the inside out!

Communion Assistants (coordinated by Dolores Niccolai) – Thank you for your presence in worship as we receive the good gift of God that is the body and blood of Christ. Hearing the words “…for you” each Sunday reminds us of God’s amazing love for us.

Greeters (coordinated by Grala Warren) – Thank you for offering the first smile and handshake for all who worship at Saint Matthew! Nothing says “you’re very welcome here” like a warm greeting when you first walk in the door.

Ushers (coordinated by Ed Jerome) – Thank you for guiding us in worship from the back of the worship center.

Readers (coordinated by Kathy Frattini) – Thank you for consistently leading our congregation in prayer and the reading of God’s Word.

Acolytes (coordinated by Kathy Frattini) – Thank you for bringing the light of Christ into our worship time each Sunday!

Welcome Center Volunteers (coordinated by Nancy Pierce) – Thank you for being a consistent point of connection for people who are interested in finding out more about Saint Matthew.

Coffee Volunteers (coordinated by Nancy Pierce) – Thank you for masterfully working those coffee pots to ensure that no one will be in want (for coffee, anyway).

Projection Ministry Volunteers (coordinated by Kathy Frattini) – Thank you for what I think is one of the most difficult worship leading roles on Sunday morning. And thank you for your grace as things inevitably get changed spur of the moment. Y’all are rockstars!

Promiseland & Impact Volunteers (coordinated by Angie Kavert, Kristi Carlton, David Dykes and Melinda Armonstrong) – Thank you for ministering to the youth of Saint Matthew with such consistency, grace and love. Growing disciples is a life-long journey and y’all are at the forefront of that road.

For all the volunteers who serve in the areas mentioned above, and even the ones that I left out, THANK YOU! And as the summer heat begins to settle on the valley and we look forward to long lazy evenings, impromptu barbecues and memorable vacations, I want to encourage you to give thanks to God for the amazing gifts we’ve been given as a community here at Saint Matthew.


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